Aluminum welded monument style sign. Routed upper cabinet with red acrylic backing. Lower cabinet with changeable copy and vandal proof cover.

Our long time friend and installer Matt

Standard Channel Letters mounted flush to fascia. Burgundy translucent vinyl overlay on rooster logo and "Growler"

1/2 inch thickness CNC cut white acrylic letters

Applying "weathered" cedar to the aluminum frame

Office directionals

 Internally LED illuminated Face Lit Channel Letters

All aluminum welded construction throughout on our signs.

Back lit or Halo style sign.  letters left off to allow photo of LED's

High Density urethane foam with hand carving and preparation for the hand laid Copper Leaf overlay

Backlit-Halo Channel Letters at night

1/2 inch thickness acrylic CNC routed letters

Same sign with welded aluminum faces attached. Letters spaced 2 inches from fascia to allow even backlighting

Open faced neon Channel Letters

Lexan backs displaying the LED low voltage modules before faces are installed

Internally LED illuminated Face Lit Channel Letters

"Guilty as Charged",, the Sunrise crew

Standard face lit Channel Letters mounted to an aluminum wireway painted to match the brick fascia

One on each end of the Doctors clinic entry areas

CNC cut polished stainless letters above 1/4 inch turquoise acrylic letters

High Performance Vinyl window graphics

1/2 inch thickness acrylic CNC routed letters with vinyl overlay

    Aluminum Cabinet Style sign with LED illumination. Vinyl copy on acrylic face

6 inch depth reinforce concrete pad. Brick masonry with molded concrete cap.

Sign; aluminum with white acrylic face and opaque vinyl overlay

Installation is a happy time for us and our customers!

Face lit standard Channel Letters mounted on aluminum wireway painted to match brick fascia

High Performance Vinyl window graphics

Welded aluminum cabinet with CNC reverse routed faces with white acrylic plexiglas backing. Base is welded aluminum square tube with rock crete overlay and cultured stone overlay

Backlighting-Halo effect at night

Large flat faced white acrylic plastic face mounted on aluminum "pan". Form/perimiter cut with translucent vinyl overlay graphics. LED illumination.

1/4 inch thickness CNC routed aluminum stud mounted letters

We saved the best for last! Our best helper and the future (we hope)

Our little Ava!

Open faced neon on variegated background

8 ft x 10 ft white Lexan with translucent vinyl copy overlaid

Open faced neon in welded aluminum cabinet. Mounted under awning

We use aluminum welded frames for our outdoor "wood" signs. Our wet northwest weather requires the use of non rusting, and non rotting materials.

Our aluminum frame "wood" style signs last many years longer than any wood structure sign.

Installed! A full year after applying for the permits which were $1200 non refundable. It took multiple  meetings with the historical zone department, where we interrupted their birthday parties with business, then along with all the countless scale drawings made for the uncooperative Historic/Pearl District Planning Department head, It was no small feat,, but we prevailed with the help of the then acting City Managers pressure!

Final assembly before installation

Our electrician Keynen, the best!

Reliable "Old Yeller" , "it's not rust, it's patina"

Standard face lit Channel Letters

backlit- Halo illuminated Channel Letters

Lexan backs displaying the LED module illumination

Backlit or Halo style Channel Letters

Installed "wood" sign with custom gradient style paint on aluminum round face and CNC cut acrylic letters

Backlit or Halo internal LED illuminated Channel Letters

High Performance vinyl copy

Aluminum welded "Halo" illuminated Channel Letters

1/2 inch thickness acrylic CNC routed letters

High Performance Vinyl window graphics

In house designed logo. High performance vinyl graphic overlay

High Performance Vinyl window graphics with Gold Leaf

1/4 inch thickness CNC routed aluminum stud mounted letters

Vinyl window graphics

Aluminum is acid etched, then primed with two part epoxy etching  primer before final painting of urethane automotive paint.

Polished stainless steel letters and logo

Same sign with welded aluminum faces placed over Lexan backs. Letters spaced 2 inches

off fascia to maximize halo effect at night

Welcome to   Sunrise Signs Incorporated

CNC cut 1.2 inch acrylic letters and logo painted to customer Pantone color choices

We make your sign purchase simple and easy, the way it should be!

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Your sign is the first impression you make on your clients, patients or customers
It is our happy endeavor to make sure you get a sign that represents you professionally and efficiently

With our excellent reputation and our years of experience you can be
assured that we build your sign with the very best materials and craftsmanship anywhere 
Energy efficient low voltage LED illumination for our individual channel letters ensuring a low monthly electrical fee 
This style of illumination and 60,000 to 80,000 hours of life, makes your sign a "Green" option you can feel good about

A well designed sign operates with a minimum of service calls which can save literally thousands of dollars over the life of your sign

We want you to feel great with your choice when you see your sign everyday you pass by it

We rely on our great referrals for 80% of our business.. Choose Sunrise Signs Incorporated and let us add you to our long list of satisfied customers

We create; Individual Channel Letters - Illuminated Sign Cabinets - Monument Style Signs - Pole Mounted Signs - Non Illuminated styrene/foam letters for business parks
Vehicle lettering and wraps - Custom Logo design - Pre-spaced Vinyl Entry Door Lettering - Neon Border Tubing - Sign Service & Repairs

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